Q.  Do you cover depositions outside of Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania suburbs?  

A.   Absolutely.  We are fully staffed with dedicated court reporters in-house who regularly take depositions in the seven-state area: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland.  If you need a reporter anywhere else in the country, we work with our affiliate agencies nationwide to set up your reporter and archive the original files within our Philadelphia headquarters.

Q.    Do you charge travel fees, mileage, appearance fees or waiting time?  

A.   We rarely charge our clients for such fees, although every circumstance is unique and different, depending upon any agreed-upon arrangements.  We evaluate each case individually.

Q.   We have a new case where our client’s fees are limited?   Can you work with us on the rates?

A.    Yes.  At Elite, nothing is set in stone.  As conscientious business providers, we are extremely negotiable and flexible in working within the boundaries our clients need, and we routinely accommodate each unique situation.

Q.    How quickly can we get our transcripts and/or video materials?

A.   As soon as you need them!  Elite is very selective in choosing its administrative staff, as well as its group of court reporters and videographers, and we specialize in quick turnaround times. 95 percent of our book of business consists of clients who need realtime, clean rough drafts and/or expedited or daily delivery of transcripts; therefore, we use the best, brightest, most technologically-advanced reporters possessing the highest standards in our industry, who always can accommodate our clients’ needs.

Q.  Can you handle all types of cases?

A.    Most definitely. Prior to Elite’s formation, both the owner and office manager spent a combined 35 years working at the country’s largest reporting agency, engaging in reporting depositions at the highest level. The owner, Maria, not only runs the business day to day, but is also still a working reporter in the field, and has carefully built a team of reporters who, like herself, possess the highest accreditations in the field and are experts at what they do.

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